Book One: The Hands Behind Shakespeare's Pen

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Globe Theatre in London from below

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The Globe Theatre

Plaque dedicated to Mary Sidney-Herbert at her Burial Site, under the floor of the Salisbury Cathedral

Gargoyle on Outside Surface of Salisbury Cathedral

Flint Wall in Salisbury

Sculpture of the Sidney Porqupine, Symbol on the Crest of the Family, on the Grounds of Penshurst Place

"Walking Mary" statue on grounds of Salisbury Cathedral

Quilt by Alexis Mongeau, called "Storm Crows"

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Baptismal font in Salisbury Church, as seen by Sarah and Janek

Each photo relates to a scene in the book

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St. Pancreas, London, UK

The plaque below the grave marker of Mary Sidney and Henry Herbert and their sons, is dedicated to Mary and reads:

"Underneaththis sable herse, Lies the subject of all verse: Sidney's sister, Pembroke's mother: Death, ere thou hast slain another, Fair and learn'd and good as she.  Time shall throw a dart at thee."

Gardens of Penshurst Place, with Plants Identical to Those in the days of Mary Sidney's Family

Ancient Tree on Grounds of Mary and Philip Sidney's Home, Penshurst Place

Gardens at Penshurst Place (Sidney Home)

Avon River running through Salisbury

Bluebell Woods in England

One of Mary Sidney-Herbert and Philip Sidney's homes, Penshurst Place

Age-worn Steps in Salisbury Cathedral

To Pluck a Crow

View of Penshurst Place