The mystery about who wrote the plays attributed to William Shakespeare has intrigued both the famous and ordinary play-goers, for more than 400 years.

As a researcher at heart, I have spent eight years reading many opinions on this question, exploring books, websites, and discussions on radio and television. My husband and I have twice traveled to England, where I was able to conduct my own research on foot. 

Along the way I discovered Mary Sidney Herbert and her brother Philip Sidney, both very real historical characters. I decided to research the period between 1550 and 1660, when  Elizabeth I, and later two Kings were on the throne. There was much political intrigue during that time, along with a flourishing of theatre.

One of the most prominent playwrights of that era was William Shakespeare. Or was that a pseudonym for someone else?

I decided to place myself in the shoes of a young Canadian researcher, Sarah Churchill, who travels to England, where she becomes embroiled in these questions, discovering many clues while also encountering romance and danger.   As well as the mystery of Shakespeare's identity, there is the question of who are the elusive "watchers" and why they want to foil the attempts of Sarah and Janek (her romantic interest ), to find evidence of Shakespeare's true identity.  Mysteries within a mystery!

The book is an altered imaginary history with a good deal of historical fact to keep it interesting, and to keep the reader guessing.  

The title To Pluck a Crow is an expression used by Shakespeare to describe a debate. This book is the first in series of debates over literary mysteries.

To Pluck a Crow

About the Book

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Book One: The Hands Behind Shakespeare's Pen